"I think it's so important for all of us to understand each others cultures. This Presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to Islam. It's a fantastic presentation"
Teacher-Scott Elementary School

"I learned a lot from the presentation. It was a lot good information that was easy to understand."
Student-Lake Park High school

"I like that it opened my eyes to other cultures such as the Muslim and Sikhs."
Student-Northwest Indiana Law - Enforcement Academy


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About ING
(Islamic Networks Group

ING Affiliated Bureau Accreditation Standards and Policies

Islamic Networks Group (ING) is a nonprofit, educational organization founded in 1993, and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. ING provides presentations and training seminars relating to Islam and Muslims. The purpose is to supplement education about Islam and Muslims in public institutions, improve the quality of life of Muslims through cultural competency training seminars, and build bridges between Muslim communities and communities of other faiths by establishing Speakers Bureaus throughout the United States and western nations.

In April 1999, ING began initiating regional organizations, most of which are also known as “Islamic Speakers Bureau,” outside their San Francisco Bay Area’s home base. ING has helped initiate such Bureaus by providing one to two days of training to such individuals and certain content and written material such as: a) “ISLAMIC SPEAKERS BUREAU SCHOOL SERIES: Presenting Islam in Schools, Grades 7th-12th, Coordinator’s Start-Up Kit, 3rd Edition; b) ISLAMIC SPEAKERS BUREAU: Presenting Islam & Muslim Culture in the Context of Social Studies and World History, School Grades 7th – 12th Speakers Kit; c) A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools, and d) In some cases, ISLAMIC SPEAKERS BUREAU SCHOOL SERIES: Presenting Ramadan & Eid in Elementary School Grades K-6th Kit for Parents & Teachers, 4th Edition; ISLAMIC SPEAKERS BUREAU LAW ENFORCEMENT SERIES: Coordinator’s Start-Up Kit, first edition. ING also makes certain ING copyrighted presentations & cultural competency training seminars available.

During the period between 1999 and 2004, approximately 40 Bureaus in 30 states were initiated. For many reasons, only half of those Bureaus are currently functioning. Functioning Bureaus are defined as incorporated organizations that maintain a permanent group of volunteers. Of those Bureaus, some operate at a higher capacity than others, with a few producing at 20-30% of ING’s production. Of the Bureaus that are not functioning, some continue to use ING products and materials.

In September 2003, ING began the process of accrediting regional Islamic Speakers Bureaus around the country. Accredited Bureaus are ones, which base their educational programs on “ING content.” ING content consist of certain principles and philosophy on which the work is based, certain marketing approach & methodology, speakers training & certification, operational standards & procedures, and the utility of pre-designed presentations & programs to teach public institutions and community groups about Islam, Muslims and Arabs, as well as pre-developed answers to Frequently Asked Questions. ING content is ING material developed and owned by ING.

Accreditation of functioning Bureaus began as a result of ING’s national expansion, primarily in police and corporate training where regional contacts were required. ING quickly realized that in order for it to ensure the qualification of contacts we referred, we needed to accredit Bureaus to ensure that they were adhering to the same standards and principles ING had established for speakers, and were in fact using the same ING content, which conformed to the First Amendment Center’s Guidelines on speaking about issues relating to religion in the public square. For this purpose, ING began the accreditation process.

Bureaus that are accredited by ING are entitled to certain benefits, described in more detail in the following ING Affiliates Contract, which are not available to non-accredited Speakers Bureaus. Some of the benefits include referrals by ING and special presentation materials that are not otherwise available to the general public. The following is a set of standards and policies for a Bureau to become accredited by ING and to maintain such accreditation. ING may, from time to time, update or change these policies and procedures, as needed, and as the accreditation process continues.

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