"I think it's so important for all of us to understand each others cultures. This Presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to Islam. It's a fantastic presentation"
Teacher-Scott Elementary School

"Wonderful information I would like to do this with each group of new students every year."
Teacher-Curie High School

"I thought the presentation was very imformative it was great to have clarification on topics related to Islam. Next time I will have my students prepared with educated questions."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"The presentations were really interesting . It is nice for the students to hear about the culture/ religion of Islam from someone who closely follows the religion/ way of life. (The speaker) taught my students things that I could not, through sharing her experience."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"I would have been happy to listen and learn for 2 or 3 hours. You did a lot in a about period of time. Thanks for coming out."
Hinsdale Public Library

"Just terrific. This has been an excellent program for a library. It was not prosyletizing but very imfornative. There were slides and many visual aids as well as audience participation so even our preteens were not bored. I cant say enough good things about this program. "
Glen Ellyn Public Library

"Thank you for taking the time for to enlighten us. Knowledge erases fear."
Faith Lutheran Church

"Thank you so much! Your presentation was excellent. I really learned A lot in 1 hour. Let us know when we can have you back for Islam 102!"
1st Congregational Church

"I like that it opened my eyes to other cultures such as the Muslim and Sikhs."
Student-Northwest Indiana Law - Enforcement Academy


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OISM Presentations

Government & Law Enforcement

OISM's goal for working with law enforcement is to supplement cultural diversity training in law enforcement agencies as well as ensure the safety and security of Muslims in the current political climate. The focus is to familiarize law enforcement with Islam and Muslim culture by teaching protocols for interaction with Muslims.

Our most effective process is 2 to 4 hours of cultural competency training titled "Working with the American Muslim Community", which we conduct through existing law enforcement diversity training programs. The U.S. Department of Justice has also utilized our training throughout the country.

The first part of our presentation immediately engages police officers with a brainstorm on commonly held perceptions of Islam and Muslims. After participants have had a chance to express their feelings about the subject; we begin to describe the true Muslim identity, general sources of perceptions, and protocols for interaction with Muslim individuals and institutions.

Other successful processes for maintaining a positive relationship with law enforcement is our participation in law enforcement hate crimes networks and State Commissions on diversity training. We also encourage police culture training for Muslims and Islamic organizations in the regions where we've conducted police training about Muslims.

If you are interested in inviting guest speakers to your agency, please contact us at (630) 848-1475 or email us at admin@oismidwest.org. You may also schedule a speaker on our web site at Speaker Request Form.


"I thought it was outstanding. The more we know about different cultures, the better we are able to do our jobs."
(Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy – March 2005)


As the population of the United States becomes increasingly diverse, the challenge of providing quality services also becomes more difficult. No more is this more evident than in the health care sector, where life itself can be threatened due to cultural misunderstandings or miscommunication.

OISM believes that the key factor to cultural competency in this and other sectors is education. To this end, we have developed a two-hour presentation for health care providers that not only covers the basics of Islam and Muslim cultural practices, but also includes issues specific to health care providers, such as diet, gender issues, birth and death considerations, and the Islamic view on blood transfusions, abortions, autopsies, and other common procedures. This presentation can be arranged at your convenience for a minimal fee.


Healthcare for the Muslim Patient”
This training covers the following subject matter:

  • Muslim culture: terminology, demographics, beliefs and practices
  • Implications for healthcare providers: Islamic views on sickness; Islamic values relating to health, family system, cleanliness, prayers, fasting, diet, dress code, gender issues, reproductive issues, labor & delivery, postpartum, Islamic views on end of life, terminal illness, life support, hospice care, after death, organ donations
Presentations can also be tailored to focus on specific clinical procedures.
Training Period: 1.5-2.0 hours
Training format: Interactive, where questions can be asked throughout.
Fees: Negotiable, based on available funding.

Equipment needed: Overhead projector & screen, or laptop, LCD projector and screen.
Number of presenters:One, or depending on need, could be a panel of speakers.

“The presenter was excellent and very knowledgeable. Having a knowledge of the views surrounding death and dying and donation in the Muslim faith will enable me to approach Muslim families in a way which respects their concerns, and will help me to serve them better regardless of their decisions regarding donation. I feel I will be able to assist as an advocate for Muslim families when working with the doctors and nurses caring for the patient as well.”
Member of Recovery Staff Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor - Network, Elmhurst, IL
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“ Orientation on Islam and Muslims”
Church Presentation

“ Working with the Arab and Muslim American Communities”
Four-hour Law Enforcement Presentation

“ Working with the Arab and Muslim American Communities”
Two-hour Law Enforcement Presentation

“ Working with the Arab and Muslim American Communities”
One-hour Law Enforcement Presentation

“ Single Issue Slides”
Adult Slides

“ Islamic Contributions to Civilization”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ An Introduction to Healthcare for the Muslim Patient”
Hospital Presentation

“ Women in Islam”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam: Myths v. Realities”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Arab and Muslim Americans in the Workplace”
One-hour Corporate Employee Presentation

“ Roots of Islam in America”
Student & Adult Presentation

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