"I think it's so important for all of us to understand each others cultures. This Presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to Islam. It's a fantastic presentation"
Teacher-Scott Elementary School

"Wonderful information I would like to do this with each group of new students every year."
Teacher-Curie High School

"I never knew I could learn so much about one culture in so little time."
Student-Hinsdale Central High School

"I thought the presentation was very imformative it was great to have clarification on topics related to Islam. Next time I will have my students prepared with educated questions."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"The presentations were really interesting . It is nice for the students to hear about the culture/ religion of Islam from someone who closely follows the religion/ way of life. (The speaker) taught my students things that I could not, through sharing her experience."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"Thank you for taking the time for to enlighten us. Knowledge erases fear."
Faith Lutheran Church

"Thank you so much! Your presentation was excellent. I really learned A lot in 1 hour. Let us know when we can have you back for Islam 102!"
1st Congregational Church


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OISM Presentations

Places of Worship—Building Bridges with Muslim Americans

The Organization of Islamic Speakers Midwest (OISM) recognizes the need for ongoing interfaith dialogue and cooperation in our increasingly multicultural and diverse society to bring about peace in our neighborhoods, in our country, and the world. Over the last four years, OISM representatives have served various faith-based organizations as speakers on panels, presenters, tour guides in mosques, and participants in interfaith programs that promote peace.

We believe that the key to achieving peace is to foster understanding and respect through education. This value is inherent in American principles and traditions, as seen in the advancement of civil rights for minority groups throughout history. This value is also a testimony to the over 4,000 presentations delivered locally and nationwide at the request of interested groups who share and promote the ideals of education and peace.

Although we have made strides in our communities, a recent poll by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found that 86% of Americans have somewhat, or little to no knowledge of Islam, and one of two Americans believes that Islam oppresses women. In addition, the study also revealed that harassment, violence and discriminatory treatment towards American Muslims in 2004 increased by nearly 70 percent since 2002 (the year after the September 11th terror attacks).

Presentations about Islam & Muslims:
To turn these figures around, OISM hopes to increase our efforts with faith-based organizations to reach the average American with the message of peace that our many faiths share and teach. To this end, we have created a presentation especially designed for faith-based organizations and community centers to explain the basic tenets of Islam and the cultures of its 1.5 billion adherents. The presentation titled “Islam 101” is a 45 to 90 minute presentation that provides an overview of Islamic beliefs and practices, while examining similarities between religions in such areas as the belief in God, the prophets, revealed books and the Hereafter. Presenters also give a personal glimpse into the life and practice of a Muslim American that will hopefully provide insight into a much misunderstood faith.

If time permits, presenters can also cover such current topics as:

  • Terrorism/Jihad
  • Women’s Rights
  • Islam and Democracy

Our trained speakers make this presentation at your convenience in a manner that is in accordance with the First Amendment’s emphasis on pluralism. It is our respect for other groups’ beliefs and traditions and our adherence to a non-proselytizing format that has led hundreds of institutions from public and private schools to corporations, law enforcement agencies, healthcare providers and others to request our presentations nationwide.

We also provide presentations on the following topics:

  • Islamic Contributions to Civilization
  • Roots of Islam in America
  • Women in Islam

Request a Speaker for Your Organization

Your Name:
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Which presentations would you like?
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“ Orientation on Islam and Muslims”
Church Presentation

“ Single Issue Slides”
Adult Slides

“ Islamic Contributions to Civilization”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Roots of Islam in America”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam: Myths v. Realities”
Student & Adult Presentation

Desired Outcome
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