"I think it's so important for all of us to understand each others cultures. This Presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to Islam. It's a fantastic presentation"
Teacher-Scott Elementary School

"Wonderful information I would like to do this with each group of new students every year."
Teacher-Curie High School

"I never knew I could learn so much about one culture in so little time."
Student-Hinsdale Central High School

"I thought the presentation was very imformative it was great to have clarification on topics related to Islam. Next time I will have my students prepared with educated questions."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"The presentations were really interesting . It is nice for the students to hear about the culture/ religion of Islam from someone who closely follows the religion/ way of life. (The speaker) taught my students things that I could not, through sharing her experience."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"I learned a lot from the presentation. It was a lot good information that was easy to understand."
Student-Lake Park High school

"I thought the presentation was very informative and explained and cleaned up many questions I had about Islam. It was good to listen to someone who knew and was from the culture."
Student-Lyons Township H.S


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OISM Presentations for Schools


One of OISM’s most requested and successful projects have been the Global Perspectives Project, which is the packaged plan we offer to Social Studies teachers. It includes but is not limited to:
  • 40 minute Power Point presentations with Question/Answer session with speaker
  • Islamic artifacts
  • Lesson Plans that correlate with your curriculum and Social Studies IL- Learning Standards
  • Online resources of web sites& books on Islam

Not only are these presentations in accordance with the First Amendment Rights Act but they are also in abidance with the No Child Left Behind Act. By connecting OISM’s objectives to the Social Studies IL-Learning Standards and to the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS), the presentations will aid the educators in engaging and establishing a deep understanding in the minds of young students who are the future of America’s democracy.

According to the Social Studies IL-Learning Standards, the competent social science teacher understands major social and cultural developments and compares patterns of continuity and change in different regions of the world. Specifically, the social studies teacher understands the origins, central ideas and influence of major religious and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Judaism and Christianity. The study of culture allows students to understand that cultures are dynamic and ever changing.

To date, OISM has delivered over 275 presentations to public and private schools throughout the Chicago land area. Feedback such as the following from our evaluation sheet reflects the project’s overwhelming success.

"This was very interesting, and I learned that I had wrong perceptions of Muslims."
(Student Naperville Central High School

“The combination of the message and the presenter were a perfect fit for our world cultures courses. Our students seemed very comfortable interacting with both speakers. This is a credit to what and how you presented the information.”
(Mike Stock, Naperville Central High School, Humanities Department)

“ It (the presentation) was very interesting, and I now feel I have a lot better understanding of the Islamic faith. Has answered a lot of my questions.”
(Student, 9th Grade)

Request a Speaker for Your School

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
School Name:
School Phone Number: (please include extension)
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Best Time to Call:

Which presentations would you like?
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“ Orientation on Islam & Muslims in the Context of World History & Social Studies”
One-hour Student Presentation

“ Incorporating Islamic Culture Studies in the Curriculum and Interacting Effectively with Muslim Students”
Two-hour Teacher & Administrator Presentation

“ Single Issue Slides”
Adult Slides

“ Islamic Contributions to Civilization”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Roots of Islam in America”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam: Myths v. Realities”
Student & Adult Presentation

Desired Outcome
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