"I think it's so important for all of us to understand each others cultures. This Presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to Islam. It's a fantastic presentation"
Teacher-Scott Elementary School

"Wonderful information I would like to do this with each group of new students every year."
Teacher-Curie High School

"I never knew I could learn so much about one culture in so little time."
Student-Hinsdale Central High School

"I thought the presentation was very imformative it was great to have clarification on topics related to Islam."
Teacher-Lake Park High School

"The presentations were really interesting . It is nice for the students to hear about the culture/ religion of Islam from someone who closely follows the religion/ way of life. (The speaker) taught my students things that I could not, through sharing her experience."
Teacher-Lake Park High School


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“ Orientation on Islam & Muslims in the Context of World History & Social Studies”
One-hour Student Presentation

“ Incorporating Islamic Culture Studies in the Curriculum and Interacting Effectively with Muslim Students”
Two-hour Teacher & Administrator Presentation

“ Single Issue Slides”
Adult Slides

“ Islamic Contributions to Civilization”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Roots of Islam in America”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Women in Islam: Myths v. Realities”
Student & Adult Presentation

“ Orientation on Islam and Muslims”
Church Presentation

“ Working with the Arab and Muslim American Communities” Four-hour Law Enforcement Presentation

“ Working with the Arab and Muslim American Communities” Two-hour Law Enforcement Presentation

“ Working with the Arab and Muslim American Communities” One-hour Law Enforcement Presentation

“ Arab and Muslim Americans in the Workplace”
One-hour Corporate Employee Presentation

“ Developing Cultural Competency: Arab and Muslim Americans in the Workplace”
Two-hour Corporate Employee Presentation

“ An Introduction to Healthcare for the Muslim Patient”
Hospital Presentation

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