Reviews from Naperville Central High School

"The presentation was very interesting and I learned a bit more about the Islamic culture."

"It was a very good presentation. It helped me understand Muslim religion a lot better. Thanks!"

"It was very interesting to hear about Islam from a Muslim."

"The presentation was very interesting and I learned many new things."


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It's All About Sharing Information
Our mission is to share accurate information about Islam & Muslims through education. American Muslims who are trained speakers and from various professional backgrounds accomplish this through interaction with the audience. We utilize multimedia presentations to explain the basics about Islam and its role in the everyday life of a Muslim. Following are excerpts from some of the innumerable letters we have received.

"This was very interesting, and I learned that I had wrong perceptions of Muslims."
Student - Naperville Central High School

“The presenter was excellent and very knowledgeable. Having a knowledge of the views surrounding death and dying and donation in the Muslim faith will enable me to approach Muslim families in a way which respects their concerns, and will help me to serve them better regardless of their decisions regarding donation. I feel I will be able to assist as an advocate for Muslim families when working with the doctors and nurses caring for the patient as well.”
Member of Recovery Staff Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor - Network, Elmhurst, IL

I never knew I could learn so much about one culture in so little time.
Hinsdale Central High School

"This was very Helpful and should be repeated! Very Comfortable asking questions and answers were helpful."
32nd Indiana Consortium of State and Local Human Rights

"I like that it opened my eyes to other cultures such as the Muslim and Sikhs."
Northwest Indiana Law - Enforcement Academy

"Just terrific. This has been an excellent program for a library. It was not prosyletizing but very imfornative. There were slides and many visual aids as well as audience participation so even our preteens were not bored. I can't say enough good things about this program."
Glen Ellyn Public Library

"I think it's so important for all of us to understand each others cultures. This Presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to Islam. Its a fantastic presentation"
Teacher - Scott Elementary School

"I thought it was outstanding. The more we know about different cultures, the better we are able to do our jobs."
Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy ,March 2005

"Learning more about the Islamic faith reaffirmed that world religious can be compared to find a common understanding among different people."
College Of Dupage

"Wonderful information I would like to do this with each group of new students every year."
Teacher - Curie High School

"I enjoyed hearing the info from an actual muslim instead of a text book. I think she gave a very detailed picture of Islam, and a lot of facts I didn't know."
ChurchVille Middle School

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