Reviews from the Speaker Training Workshops

"I thought the Presentation was really general with basic information of the Islam. I think this is a great way to inform Muslims and Non Muslims in the public schools about the Islam. May,Allah Reward you for all your efforts, Inshallah. Thank you"

"I truly believe this is important work for us to pursue. The presentations were informative, clear, organized and interesting. Thank you for laying the groundwork and inviting us to share in the project!"

" Islam 101 presentation was easily understood and well presented. Great job on all the presentations."

" Well organized. May Allah bless your time and effort. I hate to give straight "A"s or "E"s, but you're very close!"

" Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn about this organization."


Because of our approach of sharing information about Islam and Muslims and our high level of professionalism, we are able to attract many committed volunteers. Most of our volunteers are students or full-time professionals who choose to find time to contribute to philanthropic work. If you are considering volunteering, we have a variety of projects suited just for you. The area of interest and the level of time commitment are up to you.

  • Becoming a trained and certified speaker
  • Becoming a scheduler of presentations (ideal for stay-at-home mom!)
  • Reviewing feedback from our presentations for possible updates in design and content.
  • Research on projects in various areas such as media and public relations, education, grant-writing, etc.
  • Updating our databases
  • Assisting with our web site updates.
  • Compiling and publishing newsletters and other community.
  • Special note to high school students: This is a great way to fulfill your community service hours!

To get started, please complete the form below, write to us at or call us at (630) 848-1475.

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