Reviews from the Speaker Training Workshops

"I thought the Presentation was really general with basic information of the Islam. I think this is a great way to inform Muslims and Non Muslims in the public schools about the Islam. May,Allah Reward you for all your efforts, Inshallah. Thank you"

"I truly believe this is important work for us to pursue. The presentations were informative, clear, organized and interesting. Thank you for laying the groundwork and inviting us to share in the project!"

" Islam 101 presentation was easily understood and well presented. Great job on all the presentations."

" Well organized. May Allah bless your time and effort. I hate to give straight "A"s or "E"s, but you're very close!"

" Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn about this organization."


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As-Salaamu Alaykum (Greetings of Peace).

The goal of the program will be to offer speaker training and guidelines on how to speak effectively in public settings about Islam and Muslim Cultures, utilizing a balanced and accurate approach.

Speaker Training Workshop
Sunday, February 1, 2009
from 9:15-3:00pm

Training by Ms. Maha ElGenaidi - Founder & President of ING, SanJose, CA

Holiday Inn Chicago
5300 W. Touhy Ave., Skokie, IL
9:15-10am: Registration/Brunch
10:00 am : Workshop begins
Cost: $30 (includes materials and brunch)
Register online at: or call 630-848-1475

Repeat Workshop: Saturday, March 21st; Lombard, IL

Roots of Islam in America
As a supplement to American history studies relating to the Atlantic slave trade and immigration, this segment will provide an overview of the history of Muslims in the United states who might have come to the Americas before Columbus, and certainly as enslaved West Africans and pioneers from the Middle East.

Islamic Contributions to Civilizations
As a supplement to social sciences and the
hu-manities, this segment will provide an overview
of Islamic contributions to civilization and cultural interactions between Europeans and Muslims.

Teaching About Religion in Public Schools
This segment will provide the do’s and don’ts of teaching about religion in the context of social studies and world history, as well as an overview of social sciences content standards, and available teaching resources.

Orientation on Islam and Interacting
Effectively with Muslims Students
In addition to an orientation on Islam & Muslims,
this segment will provide resources to supplement curriculum relating to culture studies in grades k12,
as well as an overview of Muslim student religious practices.

To confirm registration, please register on line or send your name, address, telephone number(s),
and email address along with a check for $30 payable to OIS Midwest, Inc.

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